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On the Edge of Forever


Work continues over at Stormblade Productions on our short story audio range.  The second in the ‘Short and Scary’ series, ‘On the Edge of Forever’, is free to listen to on Soundcloud or download and share with your mates.




The Arkham Cycle


Over at Stormblade Productions I’ve been busy writing a three-part audio drama based on the works of H. P Lovecraft, entitled The Arkham Cycle.  Each episode will be roughly an hour long, feature a full cast, sound effects and an original musical score. We begin work in September with a view for episode one to be released by Halloween. 

In the meantime, our regular artist Steve Santiago has produced early concept art for our main protagonist, Anne-Marie, a troubled girl with the ability to alter reality upon a whim. 

I thought you might like a sneaky peak.


Arkham Cycle, episode one, Universe

Arkham Cycle: Universe

Everett Smiles free for the next 24 hours


It’s all in the title. To celebrate getting into cdbaby ( a lot harder than it looks) and before it goes on sale with Amazon and itunes I’m going to give it away. Totally free. No strings attached. Go and download. Enjoy!


Everett smiles

45 minute audio horror


Doctor Who: Mission of the Viyrans


Always good to come across Big Finish’s Doctor Who on the ‘net.

Better yet when it’s completely free. Big Finish have uploaded a small number of their dramatizations onto soundcloud for our listening pleasure. This is Mission of the Viyrans starring Peter Davison’s Doctor. Well worth a listen.