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Ophelia by Kevin Wallis


I’m rather proud of Stormblade Production’s latest short story, Ophelia by Kevin Wallis, as not only is it a disturbing tale about the depths of the human condition but it also represents Stormblade Productions first step in contracting other authors for work. We’re a small gig, granted, but a paying one with a genuine love for the genre of horror. Go check out Ophelia over on Amazon and if you’ve got a something worth saying in the genre of horror then check out, http://stormbladeproductions.com, we’re open to submissions all year round.


Ophelia by Kevin Wallis


The Acid Folk


Marcus Cooke is an up and coming poet, playing the local circuit of my home town. Obviously, I nabbed him to lay down vocals for Stormblade Productions and I’m hoping to publish a collected works from him later this year. Here’s The Acid Folk, one of my favourites.


Guest Book Review by Carrie Buchanan



lucky's girl

I bought Lucky’s Girl by William Holloway for a number of reasons, but mainly because I’m in love with the High Moor series and Lucky’s Girl has been produced by the same publishing house, Horrific Tales. It has been a long time since the bad guy in a book was anything more than a troubled soul, whom should be in receipt of therapy, yet Lucky’s Girl achieves way more than that. Clever, twisted and creepy, but most of all disturbing. Touches of Cthulhu with a Wendigo style that is utter brilliance.

Set in a small town called Elton upon Grove island, Lucky’s Girl centers around three main characters: Lucky, who thinks himself a prophet with a personality like silk, Kenny, who is attempting to be the family man, and Sheriff Jerry, a recovering alcoholic. Beautifully scripted and the scenes are perfectly executed. Add to this wolves, wendigos and ancient gods and you’ve got a solid, excellent read.

Don’t read it in bed alone, seriously creepy!

There is a fabulous interview over on Ginger Nuts of Horror with William Holloway giving insights into what makes him a great author – and that, I can assure you, he is.

Carrie Buchanan: the voice behind Everett Smiles, Waiting on the Road to Palladium and an upcoming cthulhu radio play, Universe.

First review for Everett Smiles . . .


My audio dramatization, Everett Smiles, was published last week by Stormblade Productions and the first reviews have started to trickle in.

I’m delighted to say they’ve all been good. But by far the best has to be this one.

Sheila is coming… In a near-future Earth, almost destroyed by aliens that have slipped through rifts between this space and the next, Paige is a lonely survivor, holed up in a department store. An ex-police officer, registered junkie and a mother whose son has been taken away from her, it’s his safety that keeps her alive, talking to a mannequin and trying to avoid the monster upstairs that is Sheila. I’m not a fan of audio-books (though I loved the Roger Moore autobiography) in general, but since this is 45 minutes long I realised I could listen to it on my way home from work and jumped at the chance. As a story, it works brilliantly, a first person account of an unravelling mind who is trapped in a world that, quite literally, wants to eat her up. There are scary moments (and the eerie atmosphere is carried all the way through), some flashes of humour and a sense of melancholy that becomes more moving the further into the story you get. Superbly narrated by Carrie Buchanan, with great sound effects and music, this is a brilliant production and highly recommended.

Can’t say how happy I am that it’s been thus far well received. I’ll post more reviews (hopefully) as they come in, and I’ve included links to the site below with a couple of trailers chucked in for good measure.


Stormblade Productions


Everett Smiles, Stormblade Productions

Everett Smiles, Stormblade Productions

After months of hard work and dedication, I’m proud to announce that Stormblade Productions has now gone live on the internet. 

Yay, but who are they?

I’m glad you asked, random citizen. Stormblade Productions specialise in audio horror and talking books. We’re an independent production company taking the plunge into the cut-throat world of audio horror.

What’s for sale?

Good leading question, old crone. Everett Smiles is currently available as an MP3 download with the CD slated for release in July.

Sheila is coming . . .

Sheila is coming . . .

Everett Smiles is an end of the world apocalyptic tale of aliens, dimensional rifts and mannequins.  A small slice of strange for your listening pleasure.

And how much is it?

Thank you, Arch-Duke. It currently costs a mere £1.99, half that if you share with twitter. Stormbladeproductions.com

Do you often make up imaginary friends to talk to?

Only at bath-time, Grand-Vizier . . .


Everett Smiles.


For a while now, I’ve been hard at work creating an audio horror story. Originally,  I wanted to see if I could create something that had a professional sound to it. Which, by the way, is a lot harder than it looks. Under Stormblade Productions, I’m hoping to produce a number of these stories per year. My first outing into the world of indie publishing, I’m proud to say, is Everett Smiles. An end of the world apocalyptic tale of madness, aliens and mannequin dummies.

Still plenty to be getting on with, setting up the website, applying for the ISBN numbers, sending out promo copies, that type of thing. But in the meantime, I can include the finished artwork for your perusal.


I’ll update as the ball keeps rolling.


Stormblade Logo


It's the end of the world. But not as you know it.

It’s the end of the world. But not as you know it.


Sheila is coming

Sheila is coming