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Terminal Earth


Great news. Ahead of schedule and well in time for Christmas, Terminal Earth eBook version has been officially released. And I just may have a short story nestled within its pages. Oh yes.

It is available in all common eBook formats from the following places:




 This is from the back cover.

What will you be doing when the shadows fall and the clocks stop?

Some of the most talented new voices in short fiction from around the world offer their takes on the end of the planet as we know it.

Man-made, geological, biblical, extraterrestrial – the nature of the end of days is imagined in many ways but they all have one thing in common.


From lovers watching firestorms in exotic island locales to strangers playing a last game of baseball in abandoned America; through the eyes of sentient robot hunters or businessman suicide bombers; in the strongholds of alien-built bases and across the body-strewn beaches of Asia; looking down from spacecraft and peering up from bunkers, the only certainty is that our Earth is terminal and we will look for a way to continue, somehow, somewhere. 

The print version is also ahead of schedule, and there is a chance it may be out before Christmas.

So, if you want a good read this Christmas take a peek at Terminal Earth and let me know what you think.