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Doctor Who: Mission of the Viyrans


Always good to come across Big Finish’s Doctor Who on the ‘net.

Better yet when it’s completely free. Big Finish have uploaded a small number of their dramatizations onto soundcloud for our listening pleasure. This is Mission of the Viyrans starring Peter Davison’s Doctor. Well worth a listen.








The Teletubbie Terror


It may dismay you to learn that I’ve brainwashed my children. I’m not proud, but it was a necessary evil. I’m a big fan of a certain british Time Lord and to ensure my continued uninterrupted pleasure in viewing his ongoing adventures I ensured both my daughters became avid fans as well.

So when the Doctor, a previous version anyway, was scheduled to come to my home town, all three of us were seriously excited. Amongst old Time Lords and former companions there were also the Daleks. The Doctor’s arch-enemy. The scourge of the galaxy. The terror of a thousand worlds. Why the name alone should strike unmitigated fear into the hearts of a nation’s children and send them diving behind their collective sofas.

Only it doesn’t.

The truth of the matter is we might be hard pressed to find any child who is scared of the Daleks. The new monsters of Doctor Who are the Weeping Angels, and the Daleks have been reduced to well . . .  a Teletubbie knock off.  

Not sure what a Teletubbie is? Check the comparison.



So what happened?

Marketing is my guess, or perhaps time has moved on and pepper pots with sink plungers don’t do it anymore.

Perhaps its poor writing, or script editing that has robbed the Dalek of fear. In Victory of the Daleks, we’re briefly introduced to the new, oh so bright, Daleks before they disappear back to the future. I think it’s fair to say the plot sucked. We haven’t really seen the Daleks do anything terribly scary in recent years and hence their decline to Teletubbie status.

Perhaps that’s why head producer, Steven Moffat, has done a U-Turn and decided to give them a break for the next season. Keep ’em fresh, so to speak

Oh well. The Daleks are set to return to my hometown later this month. Will I be going to an audience with the Daleks?

You bet. Wild stallions couldn’t keep me away. Despite the fact that my cat jumping on the end of my bed at night is more scary than a Dalek, they still remain good, wholesome fun. Do I want more? Sure. But I also wanted to be the Incredible Hulk when I was a kid and that didn’t happen either.