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On the Edge of Forever


Work continues over at Stormblade Productions on our short story audio range.  The second in the ‘Short and Scary’ series, ‘On the Edge of Forever’, is free to listen to on Soundcloud or download and share with your mates.




Inner Fears


Roller coasters, haunted houses, scary stories by the campfire. These are all fears that we can walk away from, fears that are gone when the ride, tour, or campfire is over, leaving only a memory. What about the fears we carry with us throughout our lives, fears that don’t dissipate when the light is turned on, when the door is locked, when you are in the safety of your own home? Within the pages of this book are some truly scary fears, inner fears, the ones we hide but can’t run from. Here’s to hoping they aren’t catchy.

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An excerpt from Mark Wolf’s story: “Face Your Fears”.

Face Your Fears
by Mark Wolf

Face your fears…

His mother’s admonition lingered in Stannis Staemor’s ears after she changed and flew from their cave home to the skies above it.

Outside, the howls of werewolves echoed from sparsely forested canyon walls. Stannis shuddered. Hairy, yellow-eyed, ravenous beasts. Hunting for something to eat. Hunting him.

Stannis paused at the cave mouth and regarded his reflection in a burnished shield, a trophy from an unfortunate knight-errant who had unwisely took it upon himself to seek out his mother.

A white shock of hair crowned a ruggedly handsome face. Red pupils peered back out of albino skin.

Freak, they call me. Monster, demon, foul spawn of the Dark One, Sleknord. Yet for all that, they gladly pay me their coppers for any heavy labor they need done.
Face your fears, Stannis…

Mother had actually stretched on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek after her parting words. When did I grow taller than she?

The werewolf pack drew closer. Stannis heard the individual bays and snarls as the pack fought amongst themselves, vying to be first to savor Stannis’s warm flesh. Stannis smelled their musky feral odor in the up canyon winds.

Inner Fears was published by Chris Bartholomew, owner of Static Movement!