Guest Book Review by Carrie Buchanan



lucky's girl

I bought Lucky’s Girl by William Holloway for a number of reasons, but mainly because I’m in love with the High Moor series and Lucky’s Girl has been produced by the same publishing house, Horrific Tales. It has been a long time since the bad guy in a book was anything more than a troubled soul, whom should be in receipt of therapy, yet Lucky’s Girl achieves way more than that. Clever, twisted and creepy, but most of all disturbing. Touches of Cthulhu with a Wendigo style that is utter brilliance.

Set in a small town called Elton upon Grove island, Lucky’s Girl centers around three main characters: Lucky, who thinks himself a prophet with a personality like silk, Kenny, who is attempting to be the family man, and Sheriff Jerry, a recovering alcoholic. Beautifully scripted and the scenes are perfectly executed. Add to this wolves, wendigos and ancient gods and you’ve got a solid, excellent read.

Don’t read it in bed alone, seriously creepy!

There is a fabulous interview over on Ginger Nuts of Horror with William Holloway giving insights into what makes him a great author – and that, I can assure you, he is.

Carrie Buchanan: the voice behind Everett Smiles, Waiting on the Road to Palladium and an upcoming cthulhu radio play, Universe.


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